September 30, 2020

Top 100 Sports Enters Pennsylvania

Top 100 Sports is proud to announce the first Facility Affiliate in the state of Pennsylvania. Backyard University located in Red Lion, Pennsylvania and Top 100 Sports have joined forces to implement the Top 100 Baseball metric based “Player Development Program” (PDP). Jason Aspito, owner of Backyard University is enthusiastic to get the program implemented right away. “I’m pumped, I look forward to getting this information in front of our players, coaches and parents, where there’s too much concern about the amount of games played in a season over the value in training”.  

Top 100 Sports is dedicated to providing athletes, 10U-16U a more structured approach that will be added to weekly training in the winter months. “The Top 100 system will increase the athleticism in our kids and get them focused on the right things to improve on as a player which ultimately leads to more wins on the field for the program.

The Top 100 Sports Baseball system is designed to bring out the competitiveness in the athlete through Organizational LIVE leaderboards during the evaluations. The importance of adding the Top 100 “PDP” to affiliate teams during the “offseason” instills player accountability. Jason went on to say; “We love the idea of breeding healthy competition through the organizational leaderboards. Backyard University is in it for the marathon not the sprint. A lot of times programs are worried about winning now and not the actual progression of the athlete. Top 100 Sports provides an unbiased look into the athlete and shows them where they stack up against other athletes and the areas in which they need to improve.”

Backyard University will have their evaluation dates posted in the coming weeks. All evaluations are for both internal athletes and outside players who are looking to excel their training and become a better athlete.

The road to the Top 100 Games and Top 100 Elite Games start at Backyard University. Register for an evaluation today!