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In today’s competitive youth sports environment, coaches, athletes and parents are turning to independent evaluations to properly gauge a players’ physical development.

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more than 20 performance metrics

These metrics are mapped to specific physical standards needed for optimal athletic performance.

  • Anthropometric Data: Height, Weight, Body Composition
  • Strength: How much force you’re able to create in both the upper and lower body.
  • Power: The ability to create maximal force in minimal time.
  • Speed: These tests help us determine acceleration, maximum running speed, and speed endurance.
  • Agility: An athlete’s ability to move quickly and change directions while maintaining control and balance.

30 Yard Dash


Foot Speed and Quickness


Performance history

Measure against your past achievements and see how you stack up with other athletes Internationally.

See where you rank in the top 100

Immediately after evals athletes are scored and ranked internationally. Checkout the live Top 100 Leaderboards so you can stay updated on how you compare to other players.

Top 100

Individualized training strategies

Once we capture your metrics to see where you rank in the Top 100, our Performance Training Programs target specific areas for improvement.

  • Circuits designed for where you need to improve
  • 30-Day Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • 30-Day Speed and Agility Programs

College connect

Reach out and share your Proof of Performance PR’s with college coaches through College Connect.

Share Proof of Performance

Coaches can search by metric, leaderboard, rank, sport, division, and more to find prospects.

Complete School Index

A comprehensive school guide with advanced filtering, an interactive map, and the ability to favorite and explore Admissions, College Staff, Athletic departments, and available Camps.

Prospect Tracking

College coaches can rate players and see standout proof of performance videos, metrics, and game stats, as well as add notes through our private tracking system.

‘Reviewed by Coach’ Notifications

Anytime a coach watches your players videos, the affiliate, players, and parents are notified.

The Need Feed

College Coaches can post their player needs, listing specific requirements, enabling affiliates to recommend players that match best.