August 25, 2020

Jason Grilli signs with Top 100 Sports


JASON GRILLI - 15 Year MLB Player and Alum - Signs with Top 100 SportsTop 100 Sports is proud to announce the signing of Jason Grilli! As a 15 year Major League Pitcher, and a 2013 All Star with the Pittsburgh Pirates, the journeyman pitcher has signed on to advocate the need for training and metric testing utilizing the TOP 100 Sports "Baseball Player Development System"" I'm excited to help push the Top 100 Brand. Top 100 Sports is doing a phenomenal job in the amateur sports arena and provides a great starting block for youth athletes to measure and document their progress."

As the Top 100 Baseball Ambassador, Grilli went on to say; "One of the main reasons I joined Top 100 Sports was the dire need for athletes to put training above the amount of games played in a season. Year after year we're seeing an upward trend of youth players spending less time training and more time playing in tournaments. That doesn't correlate to getting better." Grilli then emphasized that young players need to spend more time in the training room to improve their game and by utilizing the Top 100 Sports metrics system the coaches and parents receive a personalized Athlete Profile that chronicles player improvement.

Jason is challenging the current and future TOP 100 Sports Affiliate Academies to better their athletes through the Top 100 Sports Metrics and help their athletes climb the Top 100 Leaderboard. The Top 100 Sports Leaderboard is comprised of athletes in each region who have been evaluated using the Top 100 Sports Metric testing platform. Athletes are then placed on the Leaderboard based on the evaluation index. The goal is to have athletes compete through training, which will ultimately make them a better physical player. On Training, Grilli stated; "Practice makes you better. If it's training ,1 on 1's, on your own, 3 on 1 with trainers, get out there to continue to improve yourself and use the Top 100 Metric testing platform as a report card for your growth".

Grilli will be visiting current Top 100 Sports Affiliates and also help bring awareness of the program to other potential affiliates. He looks forward to making a difference in youth baseball and poses the question, What are you doing to get better?