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The National Recruiting & Academic Compliance Office services are included as part of your comprehensive club package. It is an additional resource for academic and recruiting support.

Currently we are at the worst national school counselor to student ratio since 1986 (which is a shocking 415 students to 1 counselor ratio). So how does it work? Answer – We implement “P.A.C.E.R.” (Program of Academics, Compliance, Eligibility & Recruiting) which addresses the gaps in the college search and selection process. This increases the comprehensiveness of clubs while giving added value to your athletes, parents, administrators and coaches.


“Onboard Club Meeting” & Review Session

Coaches, Parents, Athletes & Administrators

Direct club access

To National Recruiting & Academic Compliance Office

Athlete tracking for club administrators

Data from grades 6-8 and 9-12

Family academic compliance and eligibility support

College Recruiting Evaluation

Review of best recruiting practices & protocols with club “Recruiting Coordinator” or designated club college coach contact

One Additional Workshop Included for each Affiliate

Choose from: Social Media 101 for Athletes, Sports Nutrition, Hydration, Sports Leadership

Online Academic & Recruiting Baseline Assessment

“Recruit Doctor” assessment for all athletes grades 9-12, grades 6-8 middle school baseline assessment.

Road to College Athletics Workshop

For parents & athletes

Additional recruiting support for coaches and staff

Contact our office through your designated recruiting coordinator with any questions.

Consult & Workshop options

Pick from two different consult options based on the needs of your family!

Get on Track Consult

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Review your Recruit Doctor Assessment results with a former college coach and ask questions as a family. This consult is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the academic and recruiting prep blind-spots identified in your RDA. Making sure NCAA eligibility is on the right path along with identifying potential counterproductive recruiting mistakes or gaps are included in this meeting. Schedule your online one hour GT100 Consult today!

Each family get a written summary from your GT100 Consult.

recruit Doctor Family consult

If you are looking for a tailored family consult built on your needs as a family, this is the consult for you. Meet with a former college coach and academic advisor to discuss all your areas of academic/athletic strength and weakness. Pick three additional services from the list below to pinpoint and immediately address the support you need.

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Athlete Marketing & Transition Plan

Helps athlete and family develop a marketing strategy to increase recruit ability along with a comprehensive approach to the high school to college transition.

Highlight Video Review

Get suggestions and on how best to prepare a “college coach friendly” highlight video.

Academic Transcript & Standardized Tests Review

Athlete’s academic transcript will be assessed along with SAT/ACT preparatory and/or improvement options available.

Sports Nutritionist Consultation

Get an assessment from a certified sports nutritionist to see if the athlete is properly hydrating and fueling for maximum performance. (This is a large factor in injury prevention)

Program Assessment Support

Family is taught how to properly evaluate the athletic programs through data and how to gain additional information while on official/unofficial campus visits.

ID Camp, Tournament & Combine Prep

Discuss the strategies, benefits, protocol and prep necessary to with these events. If done properly, it could move the athlete up college recruiting boards.

College Scholarship Assistance

Review of scholarship offers, strategies for negotiation and how to potentially lower the college costs.


Sign up for one of our Steps and Prep Middle School workshops and make sure your family is not heading down the wrong path.

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Grades 6 through 8 are one of the most critical times for young athletes. Statistics show than this is the period where large numbers of kids quit sports due to burnout, get injured because of overtraining or have negative athletic experiences with coaches, teammates or their own parents. Our “Steps & Prep” workshop looks at the key foundational topics.


We encourage parents to attend these workshops with their son or daughter to help reinforce information learned during their college years.

College Athlete Survival Course

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How do you hit the ground running in college and have a smooth transition? Nineteen years of data proves this course works!




Chris Bianchi uses his experience of 8 seasons as a college head coach, being an education professor and 20 years a college academic advisor to provide an incredible learning experience. He is also the former director for a college strategies of success course called “Intro to College Life” provided to incoming freshman athletes. The years he directed this program the college athletes had a higher GPA than the overall student body.

“I always thought that the student-athletes needed this information before getting to college. It helped them become more efficient as students, as athletes and have a better rapport with teammates and coaches.”

– Chris Bianchi

Female Safety & COLLEGE Prep

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Content Includes: Academics, Rapport with Professors, Campus & General Safety, Health/Wellness, Stress Management, Personal Finance, Campus Resources, Social Media Awareness/Safety




Hear from two former college professors and academic advisors with over 52 years in education.

“This workshop gave my daughter critical and potentially life-saving safety information that EVERY young woman needs before stepping foot on a college campus.”

– Amanda Shaw (High School Teacher)

winning your freshman year of college

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Content Includes: Roommates, Personal Safety, Tips to College Academic Success, Stress Management, Nutrition/Hydration & Social Media




“I honestly thought that I was fully prepared for college until I took this course 5 years ago. I was shocked and a little embarrassed on how much I didn’t know heading into my freshman year. Situations came up that I would not have known how to handle and I avoided some major potential mistakes with what I learned.”

– Tim LaDuca